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10-02-2011, 12:26
Castle Creation, %40 daha fazla guc slogani ile Sidewinder ESC`nin V2`sini cikardi.. Yeni ESC 4600/5700/6900 ve 7700 CM36 motorlarini calistirabilecek..
V2 ESC $79.95
ESC motor combo $117.95 olacak.

http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-SV2-stacked.png Choose a product Sidewinder Sv2 ESC - $79.95 Sidewinder Sv2/4600 - $117.45 Sidewinder Sv2/5700 - $117.45 Sidewinder Sv2/6900 - $117.45 Sidewinder Sv2/4600 - $117.45
Better. Stronger. Faster.

All good things Castle generally get replaced with something even better from Castle.

The venerable Sidewinder 1/10 ESC is being upgraded by the all new, 40% more powerful, Sidewinder Sv2. Of course this ESC includes all of the great Castle programmability and durability. Here's the best part, we're able to bring it to the market with even lower pricing than its predecessor! The Sidewinder Sv2 ESC runs only $79.95, and the combos paired with our great CM36 motors is only $117.95.

The Sidewinder Sv2 is the perfect choice for upgrading 1/10+ 2wd and 4wd vehicles weighing 5 lbs or less to quality brushless power and speed.

Sidewinder Sv2 will be available as ESC only, and also in combos with our trusted CM36 motor lineup. As the controller can handle more power than previous Sidewinders, the motor lineup is now expanded to include the CM36 6900kv and CM36 7700kv motors.

Combo Max Cells* Performance** Sidewinder Sv2 with CM36 4600kv Motor 3s LiPo or 10NiMH Perfect for maximum control, and longest duration Sidewinder Sv2 with CM36 5700kv Motor 3s LiPo or 10NiMH Optimum combo for speed while still having control Sidewinder Sv2 with CM36 6900kv Motor 2s LiPo or 7NiMH Lots of wheel spin and wheelies when you can hook up (see note below) Sidewinder Sv2 with CM36 7700kv Motor 2s LiPo or 7NiMH Silly fast (see note below) *3s (12.6 volts fully charged LiPos). The Sv2 can handle a maximum of 12.6 volts. Your motor may have a separate rating. Always use the lower of the motor or controller's voltage ratings.

**Recommendations are for each use with stock gearing. Should users change the gearing, they MUST check the motor and controller for over temps on the first run(s).

Important note for use with 6900kv and 7700kv motors: stock gearing should not be used with these motors. See the Castle Motor Gearing chart (http://www.castlecreations.com/products/documents/gearing_chart.pdf) for more infomation.

Photo Gallery http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-SV2-combo-325w.jpg
(http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-SV2-combo-700w.jpg)(click photo to enlarge) http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-Sv2-in-hand-325w.jpg
(http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-Sv2-in-hand-700w.jpg)(click photo to enlarge) http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-Sv2-on-tire-325w.jpg
(http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-Sv2-on-tire-700w.jpg)(click photo to enlarge) http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-Sv2-on-tire2-325w.jpg
(http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/Sidewinder-Sv2-on-tire2-700w.jpg)(click photo to enlarge) http://www.castlecreations.com/images/gfx-sidewinder_sv2/TD-sidewinder_sv2.jpg (http://www.castlecreations.com/support/documents/tech_drawings/TD-sidewinder_sv2.pdf)
Click the image for a printable PDF. Sidewinder Sv2 Specs Part # Retail Price: Max voltage*: Low voltage cutoff Sv2 ESC: 010-0094-00
Sv2/CM36 4600: 010-0094-01
Sv2/CM36 5700: 010-0094-02
Sv2/CM36 6900: 010-0094-03
Sv2/CM36 7700: 010-0094-04 $79.95
$117.95 3s (12.6 volts fully charged LiPos) Programmable - Auto LiPo detect set as default

Brake: Reversible: Size: Weight (w/wires): Proportional Yes - with lockout L: 1.9" (48.2mm)
W: 1.4 " (35.5mm)
H: 0.8" (20.3mm) 2.5oz.
70.8g *The Sv2 can handle a maximum of 12.6 volts. Your motor may have a separate rating. Always use the lower of the motor or controller's voltage ratings.

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