• Speed Passion Reventon wireless modules

      Brushless Speed ​​Passion Reventon ESC Series: ESC corresponding
      Compatible devices: iPhone equipped with more than iOS4.1, iPad, iPod touch.
      Size: 33 (L) x 59 (W) x 10 (H) mm
      Weight: 14g (when using the case)
      (Outdoor) 100m ~ 300m: operating range
      Comply with IEEE802.11b / g: Wi-Fi standard

      (Tax included) SP000009 Reventon Wi-Fi module for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch ¥ 7,875

      Brushless Speed ​​Passion Reventon ESC Series: ESC corresponding
      Compatible devices: Android Phone equipped with at least Android 2.3, Android tablet
      However ※, can not be used with the (Honeycomb series) Android 3.x.
      Size: 30 (L) x 52 (W) x 9 (H) mm
      Weight: 10g (when using the case)
      (Outdoor) 10m ~ 30m: operating range
      Compliant 2.0 Class2 Ver: Bluetooth standard

      (Tax included) SP000008 Reventon Bluetooth module for Android ¥ 6,825

      I've finally come! Wireless is a new era! ! Setting of the ESC is a change in your existing smartphone
      Cha can. Wi-Fi module and a brief despiion of this product for the iPhone in,
      BLUETOOTH module Android for it comes.

      Connections, etc. without having to program the card body and desorption recovery machine, a series of tasks, easy access to the ESC
      is an item of that dream, instantly change required "setup" now becomes possible.
      Of the ESC can be updated firmware, download the setting data.
      Easily mounted to the car's limited space by changing the mechanical contraction of the tube to remove the case also comes with accessories
      you can! Try using a wireless module means everyone have a series Reventon ESC. I am amazed at the convenience! Release is scheduled to ship to stores nationwide broadcast next Monday. Details page Reventon Wi-Fi module here is. Details page Reventon Bluetooth module here is. I will introduce to you as soon as complete because it is in the works right now how to use video as well also. Please keep checking the video has been published at home until then.


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