• Kershaw Designs Chassis for HPI Savage Flux 5SC

      A new chassis for the HPI Savage Flux 5SC was now of the American RC car tuning specialists Kershaw designs presented. In combination with the aluminum chassis virtually all popular brushless motors from the 1:5 scale-range and larger (4S) battery packs are used in the flux 5SC. Is to have the chassis conversion kit in the online shop of Kershaw Designs for $ 429.99, the equ1valent of about 322 Euro.

      The chassis of Kershaw design leaves plenty of room around the engine, so an engine fan is enough space. A direct-drive transmission and a mount for 1:4 servos are optional.


      Engine mount for all standard 56mm motors and Castle 2028
      Space for engine fan is present
      4.1 mm thick chassis plates of heat-treated aluminum
      Can be mounted in different positions Velcro to attach the battery pack
      Chassis with 4 degrees Anti-squad back for better handling when accelerating
      Support for 1:4 servos sold separately
      Prepared for KD's Direct Drive transmission with Revo Slipper

      Source : Rc-news.de
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