• Western Robotics Hercules Super BEC G2

      Western Robotics introduce the Hercules Super BEC G2 for the use with 1/8th and large scale RC-Cars. The unit delivers up to 15A continuous and 20A peak current at a selectable output voltage of 5.2V, 6.0V, 7.4V or 8.2V at 9V to 60V input. The compact BEC unit weights 36g, sports dimensions of 24x35x56mm and is ideal to power one or more servos in electric-powered cars that use a speed controller with BEC system. The servo(s) are directly powered through the Hercules Super BEC and thus are able to deliver better and more reliable performance without using the controller's (weak) BEC system. The system features a build-in digital on/off port with an external switch being sold separately.

      - Super high efficiency 5.2V, 6V, 7.4V and 8.2V selectable voltage regulator
      - Wide input voltage range from 9V to 60V (3-14 LiPo Cells).
      - Min. 12V input for 7.4/8.2V applications.
      - High current capability of 15 Amps, continuous 20 Amps peak with proper ventilation
      - High power output that handles multiple servos with built in power bus system that allows for direct servo connections
      - Built in battery reverse polarity, current overload protection
      - Built in digital power on/off enable port (External switch sold separately)

      Source : Area52
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