• Tekin RS Gen2 controller

      Tekin introduce the RS Gen2 1/10th scale brushless speed controller. The updated Gen2 ESC makes use of the RS' original specs and comes with a programmable high-voltage BEC, data logging and dual drive mode technology meaning the ESC can be used with sensor and sensorless motors. Furthermore it sports with a HotWire PC interface for advanced programming and updating, QuickTune programming and highly adjustable menu options including blinky mode, timing adjustment and more. Build for 2S to 3S input the RS Gen2 has an 8.5T motor limit and measures 25.4x33x12.9mm.

      Features & specifications
      - Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
      - Input Voltage: 4-9 Cells, 2S-3S Lipo
      - BEC: 6.0V/7.4V 5.5Amps
      - Motor Limit Brushless Mode: 8.5 Turn, 540 2-pole (36mm)
      - Brushless Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay
      - Dimensions: 25.4 x 33 x 12.9mm
      - Weight: 48g with wiring
      - Timing Profiles: 7 choices (on board)
      - Drag Brake (13 steps)
      - Brake / Reverse Strength (13 steps)
      - Current Limiter (none + 12 steps)
      - Neutral Width (13 steps)
      - Timing Profiles (5 preset - 2 custom*)
      - Adjustable Throttle and Brake Minimums
      - Custom Throttle Curves
      - Timing Boost and Turbo when used with Hotwire
      - ROAR Race Spec "Blinky" Mode

      Source : Area52
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