• Hobbywing Xerun V3.1 1S ESC

      Japanese Hobbywing distributors Powers report about the new Hobbywing Xerun V3.1 1S controller. The dedicated 1/12th scale offering is based around the conventional V3.1 but features a BEC system with voltage booster that creates a regulated 6V/3A BEC output for the steering servo from the 1S 3.7V drive battery. This feature does away with the need to use a separate receiver battery pack. Coming in a full CNC-machined aluminium case with build-in on/off switch the controller not only does away with the need for an external receiver battery pack but also sports build-in capacitors for a tidy wiring. The 120A rated speedo is useable with motors down to 3.0T, measures 37.5x31x21.8mm, weights 37.8g and is as highly adjustable as all Xerun V3 controllers.

      Source : Area52
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