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  • SkyRC Motor Analyser brushless motor tester

    New from SkyRC comes the Motor Analyser, a device to test and fine-tune electric brushless motors. The motor tester offers KV measurement, voltage, RPM and Amp draw tests as well as timing and hall sensor checks together with a noise level test that allows to draw conclusions on the conditions of the ball bearings. Coming in a sturdy aluminium case the device sports a back-lit display, jog dial menu operation and it includes an array of wires such as a sensor cable, motor connection wires and power input adapters.

    – Dimensions: 136.5×80.6×24.5mm
    – Weight: 282g
    – Input voltage: 7.4-8.4V
    – Screen: Backlit LCD
    – Motor timing range: 0-70°
    – Noise level measurement: 60-120dB
    – Supported motors: sensor and sensorless 2-36 poles

    Kaynak : redrc.net
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