• GForce TS160 Competition brushless speed controller

      Japanese company GForce introduce the TS160 Competition brushless speed controller. Made for 1/10th and 1/12th scale applications and 2S to 3S LiPo batteries the speedo sports compact dimensions of 30.6×35.6×22.5mm and it features a high-voltage BEC system with selectable 6V or 7.4V output, internal power capacitors and an optional high-speed fan unit. The integrated power button reduces the amount of wire hanging from the case while heavy duty solder terminals allows to use the use of large diameter motor and battery wires. In terms of software the TS160 offers an improved firmware for smoother throttle feeling and it is highly adjustable using an optional programming box or GForce’s PC link software.

      – Constant/peak current: 160A/920A
      – Compatible motors: sensored or sensorless
      – Motor limit 2S: 3.5T on-road, 5.5T off-road
      – Motor limit 3S: 5.5T on-road, 8.5T off-road
      – Voltage input: 2S to 3S LiPo
      – BEC system: 6V-7.4V/5A
      – Dimensions: 30.6×35.6×22.5mm
      – Weight: 45g without wires
      – Fan: 8V/0.2A max. 12.6V

      Kaynak : redrc.net
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