• ProTek R/C Electronic Switch

      The ProTek R/C Electronic Switch is of a completely sealed low-profile design so it can be mounted anywhere without fear of dirt and grime working its way in and causing a failure. Built-in voltage cutoff for LiPo receiver packs prevents the battery from becoming deep discharged while a LED on/off indicator gives feedback on the remaining battery capacity. Three mounting lashes allow for easy installation of the switch using the chassis’ personal transponder mount.

      – Input Voltage: 4–12V
      – Max Current: 10A
      – Battery Options: 1. NiHH/NiCad 2. LiPo
      – Low Voltage Protection: 6.2V (LiPo)
      – Weight: Less than 7 grams
      – LED Indicators: Green: 80–100%, Orange: 60–79%, Red: 20–59%, Blinking Red: <20%

      Kaynak : redrc.net
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