• All Japan Hobby Show – Kyosho

      On show at the Kyosho booth at this week’s All Japan Hobby Show are several new competition kits ranging from 1/12th to 1/8th scale. First up is the Plazma Ra2.0 1/12th scale pan car kit. The follow-up model of the Ra features several improvements and new features such as the single bellcrank “reverse-type” centre steering assembly with longitudinally mounted steering servo. New are also the front aluminium suspension mounts that allow for easy ride height changes using carbon fibre plates and the battery mount utilises rubber O-rings for tape-less battery mounting. Also new with the 2.0 version is the ability to adjust the side springs through the lower pod plate with the larger inner hex making adjustments more precise and easy.

      Also on show is the forthcoming V-One R4 Evo 1/10th 200mm nitro on-road car. As the specifications and features list is only available in Japanese language so far it is hard to specify the exact changes on the Evo version but the most obvious one is definitely the aerodynamically shaped front bumper/diffusor. More information should become available on time for the release. Also on show is the Inferno GT2 Type-R 1/8th nitro GT kit. Again the exact features aren’t available yet but given it is a “Type-R” we understand the kit was developed with racing in mind and therefore anti-roll bars, threaded aluminium shock absorbers and possibly a single speed transmission are part of the package. We will bring you more information as soon as they become available. On the not-so-racing side of things Kyosho have the all-new Fazer VEi 4WD cars with 1970’s Dodge Charger and 2015 Dodge Challenger muscle car bodies on show. The RTR cars come factory-assembled with a genuine Team Orion iDrive system installed. Also on show and probably a coming re-release are the iconic Hanging On Racer 1/8th scale NSR 500 bikes. Originally released in the 1990’s it would be nice to see those back on the track.

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