• Killer RC Light Controller

      Killer Rc Hpi Bajayi baz olarak yeni bir isik sistemi cikarmaya hazirlaniyor... Kontrol unitesinin fiyati ledler haric $52.

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      This new "plug & play" Light Controller allows you to control multiple sets of LED headlights and tail lights on your RC car. The Killer RC Light Controller goes in between your radio receiver and your servos. Use your 3rd channel to switch through 3 headlight modes; off, low beam, and high beam. This light controller is compatible with any 3 channel radio. The Killer RC light controller can also power a set of 2 tail/brake lights. When you apply the brakes on your transmitter your tail lights will light up and become brake lights. You can also make your tail lights function as turn signals. As you steer the car the tail lights will flash which ever direction you are turning. This feature can be disabled. The Killer RC light controller also has an always-on marker light output, which can be used for UnderGlow lights or whatever you want. Connect a v2 or v2-S Killer Bee to the Aux output on the light controller, and then you can kill the engine by turning off the transmitter power. The Killer RC light controller can also be used with 2 channel radios but the headlights will always be constantly On until the receiver power switch is turned Off. Another cool feature we have added is that the headlights will automatically start flashing when your battery voltage gets low (4.3v), alerting you that you need to recharge the battery pack. This light controller operates on 4 to 12 volts, but whatever voltage your battery is, that is what the light controller will put out to your LED lights. Six volts is the usual application. This light controller is compact in size, doesn't get hot, and can be used on many gas, nitro, and electric RCs.
      The manufacturer recommends Killer RC brand headlights to be used with the Killer RC light controller. HPI brand lights will light up to full brightness, but don't work as well with the dimming mode on the light controller.




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